Henley Business School – Outro!

When I was looking to study further, I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go, I just knew that I needed to develop myself further. In many ways I felt like my mind was rusted. I always appreciate working in the corporate world as there are always learning and development interventions, while they may be company oriented, it’s always great to learn something new.

So, I asked my career coach for advice, and they recommend I go to Henley, they told me I would fit right in and that their methodology would suit my personal style and I would never be bored.I applied. The application process was intimidating, it required so much. When I was accepted I sang and danced and was super happy.

Day one, I had more energy than the energizer bunny. Very excited to be back on campus after a long time. It just felt good to be amongst other people who were also keen to embark on the Post Graduate Diploma journey. We formed groups that we would work with as part of our Action Learning Project, and I was part of the “Building Blocks” which was a group of dynamic people from different industries. What I enjoyed the most is that we were diverse; one was from Mozambique, another Portugal, one from Botswana, and the rest from South Africa. We quickly bonded. We stormed and normed. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to go on a journey with. I learnt a lot about myself from my community of practice, as well as the lecturers.

We started last August, and had no idea what 2020 would look like. When the Covid19 pandemic struck the world, Henley quickly adjusted to virtual learning, which was not easy for me because one of the things I loved the most about being on campus was walking around and getting hugs from my class mates.Never could I ever imagine writing an exam online, and will have to wait and see what a virtual graduation ceremony will look like.

I just can’t believe the year is over (time truly flies when you are having fun) and that I don’t have to submit assignments every fortnight. I never thought I would miss that and all the reading that we did in the last 12 months, as a graduation gift I bought myself a few books to keep me going.

When I went to Henley, I thought I was going to business school, so expected to learn about strategy, innovation, shared value and anything that would make me a hot shot business person, I had those modules, but more than anything, Henley gifted me with self- awareness.

An incredible journey!